Spices are the natural way of caring for yourself.  In fact, special preparations of spices are an integral part of Indian culture and society and help the doctor away. Spices can’t only improve the taste of your food, but can also improve the state of your health. Spice provides a wealth of flavors to a range of colourful, aromatic, multi - textured cuisines across the country. One of the many thing that to go to make India truly

Indian Spices
Mango Powder Asafoetida
Pepper Green Chillies

 Ayurved in India   Spices Mixture
Garam Masala Sambhar Powde
Tandori Masala Panch Phoron

 Ayurved in India   Medical Properties of Herbs & Spices
Amla Badi Ilaichi
Dalchini Guggul

 Ayurved in India